Saturday, October 8, 2011

October is 3 months before January

huft, finally i post about my thesis' story,, the one that i dont want to talk about, or to share about, i dont want you become desperate becoz of my thesis' stories

October,,i hope you always become my special month..

"investigation and optimization of internet network availability with LDAP
actually this title not as difficult as people think, so do i but....i just feel upset because of the graduation day

October 22 is the 85th graduation but i cant reach it, almost but i cant
i have my 'seminar hasil' but 'sidang' yet..almost,, so, i feel a bit depress, sad, upset, angry with myself

okay, I definitely understand God has a plan why should I have my graduation on January, but i just angry with my self..

Haloooooooo October! you suppose to be my month, but God say NO! or i still have opportunity if they're pending the graduation?? October 22 has not come, right? *evillaugh