Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Speed Dial in Chrome

I posted my chrome appearance before and someone ask me how to make it. I think she/he interested because of the picture (Khuntoria) kekekekeNow,  I want to share  how to make your chrome look like this...

My Chrome

  1. The first step, download and install the latest version of chrome here
  2. After you install itthen...this is the most important part 
  3. You have to add speed dial, an extension in your chrome, so you have plenty of options chrome slides, here to download the extension speed dial
  4. Download thereselect the add to chrome button
  5. After that, your chrome already had the speed dial extension.  
  6. Now, time to decorate and set the contents of your speed dial, click  "option" the left upper corner button. 
  7. The maximum setting for the slide, row: 9 colomn: 9. its means you can have 81 speed dials. Wow Daebuck right???

8.Select row and column as you want. Fill background image with image link, remember to put wallpaper size with big resolution, I choose Khuntoria wallpaper, because i love it ^^. You can choose yours. Select theme color, then scroll down until you find save and close button.
9. After you save it. Click the number in speed dial, fill title: the name of your your speed dial, url: fill in the website addressDial Image urlinput image url link associated with the website or you can select it at "select logo", click save button

10. After you save it, click the speed dial to get the preview of your speed dial.
11. Repeat step 9 as much as you speed dial numbers. if you have 9 speed dial so you have to fill 9, but if you have 81 speed dials and you have to fill 81 speed dials. How tiring! hahaha but it's fun :) 
~thank you~

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