Saturday, July 16, 2011

Khun's Letter to Vic

Letter from khun long version 

Thank you for a year and twenty days time, on my side, to become a good woman, good friends, good wife. Should have been at the beginning when the wedding, a bit late, sorry. I think the wedding is only once in a lifetime of important things. So, I've been waiting like today, so a perfect day. Because I think that two people have to understand each other more and have feelings, become very much in love at a later time (the wedding) it makes more sense, so I have no money as an excuse to have been waiting for this day too! Now we are understanding each other, and also very emotional, and has become very much in love, so please marry me! Although my EVENT to do is not good enough, not to teach swimming, there are many deficiencies. But I've done into this world to make Victoria the happiest woman in preparation. I love you..
cr: Kate @Khuntorialurve chatterous

I really don't care whether this is fake/ not, this is too sweet :) and i only think they really match each other -ohayodinda- 

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